The Technology
 A Look Behind The Scenes

the technology
Behind the customer-facing touch screen, a myriad of intelligent and complex algorithms are at work analysing customer lottery games and sport betting wagers and other complementary data to identify and deliver the optimal offer for each individual customer.
Our platform begins by performing exact real-time marketing analysis of a customer's wager or game to obtain offers for additional bets and games. Potentially relevant lottery games and sports wagers are then recognised by our platform's intelligent decision engine. These potential offers are then evaluated via a series of prioritisation filters, which prioritise the offers in relation to your corporate business strategy and other conditions, until the most complementary offers are found.
This analysis, which is all performed in a millisecond, culminates in a visually attractive and appealing offer tailored specifically for that customer which is displayed on the customer-facing screen at the lottery station or in the betting shop. 
Once the new offer has been presented to the customer, the information loop is completed by feeding crucial customer data back to our platform's intelligent decision engine.
Our software solutions have an adaptive learning ability that turns them into a real-time interactive learning device that is 'taught' by the customer. If the proposed offer is 'ignored' by the customer; that offer will not be proposed again.
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