Maximise every customer Interaction

Targeted Suggestive selling
Suggestive selling – also described as ‘up-selling’ or ‘add-on selling’– exposes your customers to additional offers and opportunities designed to encourage them to add more to their original purchase. It is one of most cost-effective methods to maximise every customer interaction, ultimately increasing revenue and profit, whilst enhancing the customer betting experience.
Surprisingly enough, even though the power of suggestive selling is well-known, most retailers do not execute suggestive selling successfully. Cashiers are often relied upon to try and attempt suggestive selling in a busy, pressurised environment when they do not know the optimal item to push. Suggestive selling has to be implemented intelligently to maximise the small window of opportunity that is available to communicate with your customers and positively impact their purchasing decisions.
Swiftstake Technologies is a pioneer in using data to deliver dynamic targeted suggestive selling, combined with real-time marketing intelligence and cutting-edge retail technologies, to maximise every customer transaction for the regulated Sports Betting and Lottery markets.

Targeted suggestive selling delivers:
+ Increased revenue
+ Profit growth
+ Greater customer loyalty
+ Improved customer retention
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